Xfce is very slow, part 2

Miguel Guedes miguel.a.guedes at gmail.com
Wed Jan 29 13:30:34 CET 2014

On 29/01/14 11:33, Wes Gregg wrote:
> Also, that's a single-core processor, isn't it? Might just be a slow
> system, depending on the workload. Although I was loaned a Pentium D
> laptop when mine failed, and it didn't strike me as being particularly
> slow (and it only had 768 megs of - shared - RAM). But it was running
> Mint XFCE, not Xubuntu, so that might be an apples to oranges
> comparison, especially if Xubuntu is a "heavier" OS (IDK if it is or
> not). I can say that I never noticed any ten-second delays.

On a Pentium M processor (single core, 32 bits) with 1GB (which I later 
upgraded to the maximum supported of 2GB) I recall a couple of years ago 
also having issues with mysterious delays when running programs. It was 
just weird and there was no obvious explanation.

Unfortunately I cannot recall exactly what was causing the slowdown 
though but I'm pretty sure it was either a misbehaving service or 
graphics card related -- I definitely had to tweak a few configuration 
files to get it resolved. It definitely wasn't HDD/swappiness related in 
my case.

I'm unsure whether other people on this thread have suggested the 
following already but, in order to further attempt to diagnose Hartmut's 
problem, I would try running a few programs with the X server off (in 
tty mode, no graphical display in use) and see if the slowdown still 
persists. If it doesn't, then perhaps it could be X server (and/or its 
stack) related and we could all better direct our efforts to try and 
resolve this for Hartmut.

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