Xfce is very slow, part 2

Wes Gregg wes_catfish at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 25 20:32:18 CET 2014

Agree that listing all (possibly) relevant information in one post is a 
good idea. Should be included in any request for help with or diagnosis 
of a problem.

As it stands now, I'm not even sure:
-If the OP is using one of those "green" hard drives that spins down / 
goes to sleep periodically.
-If the OP's system and "work" (don't know what that is/involves, 
resource-wise) is such that things are being sent to swap and must then 
be retrieved (/things currently in physical memory sent to swap)
-if, since the OP states that he believes the hard drive is fine since 
he does not observe problem in Windows XP, he is actually deleting the 
XP partition and installing the linux distro to that space on the hard 
drive or if they are in two separate locations on that hard drive 
(meaning one could, in theory, have issues due to a problem with the 
hard drive even though the other OS was fine). And I'd guess that the 
swap partition should be created out of the space that the "fine XP 
partition" was occupying as well, because an issue with the swap 
partition could cause issues with the linux system if it attempts to use 
it. (For best results, I suppose that the OP would need to concentrate 
on the sectors that are actually being USED by Windows XP (during his 
daily usage of it) for the linux install, but I have no idea how to do 
such a thing.
-I'm still wondering about the amount of RAM in regards to it being a 
64-bit system. Seems like I once read that 2x the amount of RAM (vs. a 
32-bit system) is a good baseline, due to the way that a 64-bit 
system... addresses(?) memory. I'm afraid I'm pretty vague about all 
that, though, and might be even more clueless than I think I am, here.
-Is the OP's graphics driver situation completely sorted out?

I'd like to say that any computer that can run a Microsoft OS can run a 
linux one, but that's a pretty generic statement. XP is, in computer 
terms, "quite old," lol, but currently-supported linux OS are, well, 
/current/. System requirements might be quite different and even the 
assumptions about the (bulk of the) systems that the various OS are 
likely to be installed on might be quite different.


On 01/25/2014 12:45 PM, Allin Cottrell wrote:
> On Sat, 25 Jan 2014, Hartmut Haase wrote:
>> I watched the system monitor now for a couple of days, and could not 
>> see heavy loads that would slow down the system.
>> What I saw is: whenever I concentrate my work for a while on one 
>> desktop, the rest of the system seems to "fall asleep", and wakes up 
>> slowly if I click on other desktops again.
> We've been round and round on this issue for a long time now without 
> achieving any apparent resolution.
> To try to push this foward, could you give us (a) a reasonably 
> complete run-down on your system and (b) a precise statement of what 
> "very slow" means to you?
> By a run-down on your system I mean: hardware (CPU, RAM, HDD, graphics);
> base system (distro name and version, kernel, word-length, C library 
> version); desktop (Xfce version, window manager, relevant daemons 
> running). I know you have provided some of this info before, but it's 
> scattered across dozens of postings and it's hard to get an overview.
> On the "very slow" business you said originally that "sometimes 
> actions need up to 10 seconds": could you give us a precise example of 
> an action that takes that long?
> This is very puzzling, since on modern hardware (even not so modern 
> hardware) Xfce is generally very snappy, with minimal latency, unless 
> the system is badly misconfigured, or there are far too many tasks 
> running, or perhaps some seriously over-zealous power management is in 
> force. (Or, of course, the hardware is broken, but you seem to be 
> ruling that out.)
> Allin Cottrell
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