preferences, preferred applications: no effect

Jimmy Sjölund jimmy at
Sat Jan 18 19:32:50 CET 2014

2014/1/18 Hartmut Haase <hha4491 at>

> , Behrens:
>  which can be configured by "update-alternatives --config x-www-browser"
> I can change it, but it still has no effect.
> --
> Viele Grüße,
> Hartmut
>  Which browser are you trying to get as default? My experience (Ubuntu
Studio 12.04 and 13.10 running Xfce 4.10) I can get it to work as long as
the default browser is Firefox. Changing it to Google Chrome or Chromium I
get the endless "This is not your default browser" complaints no matter
what settings and files I have changed or updated.
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