weather panel plugin lies about the gtk+ version it needs

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Wed Jan 15 11:33:08 CET 2014

Hello there,

the weather panel plugin, since 0.8.2, requires symbol
gdk_widget_get_screen but allows building with a gtk+ version older
than the one that introduced this symbol.

More generally, I figured out that many xfce plugins and apps depend on
a specific Xfce version (for the weather plugin, it's Xfce 4.8 IIRC),
but they rely on glib/gtk+ versions more recent compared to the one
Xfce really needs to build. And you're lucky if the plugin or app
ources or doc mentions what glib/gtk+ version it requires. You're even
more lucky if the specified versions are right, because many times the
configure script is wrong.

This sounds to me that the Xfce policy for development and deployment
is not directive or strict enough for Xfce plugins and apps developers.
Is there one at least? The plugins and apps around Xfce core stuff
*looks* like a mess and I struggled a lot before I could build a
complete Xfce desktop from the sources, mostly spending time on
figuring out what version of apps and plugins are compatible with
either XFce 4.10 and the glib/gtk+ I have on my CentOS6 system (glib2,
gtk2-2.20.1), what corrections I could do or what patches I could apply
to fix all that.

Knowing that, I'm still happy with my Xfce setup!


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