ANNOUNCE: xfdashboard 0.1.1 released

Stephan Haller nomad at
Mon Jan 13 20:26:41 CET 2014

Am Montag, den 13.01.2014, 22:04 +1100 schrieb Rob McCathie:
> Good work on xfdashboard, I like it already and see a lot of potential.
> I am the maintainer of Manjaro's upcoming Netbook edition. With
> maximising on screen real estate being a focus, the potential to have
> the entire screen available for applications (not even a panel) and a
> dashboard-type mode activated with a keypress and/or hotspot, is of
> particular interest to me. If not outside the scope of your goals,
> would you consider adding a daemon mode for speedier activation and
> on-key-up activation, rather than on-key-down like a normal Xfce
> keyboard shortcut, (i.e. so it's possible to use Super to activate it
> but still being able to use Super+Click to move/resize windows) ...and
> support for screen-corner/edge hotspot activation?
The daemon mode is already implemented. To start the daemon just use the
command "xfdashboard -d". But sadly it is still a bit buggy, e.g. the
daemon will be stopped if you type in "xfdashboard -h" to get the help
text. It's on my personal roadmap to get such bugs fixed for 0.2.0

Implementing a global keyboard shortcut on-key-up is also on my personal
wishlist exactly for the reason to keep the "Super" key usable for other
shortcuts. That was the one of most annoying in Gnome3. But that's a
thing I look at after 0.2.0

> Couple of other things:
> When preparing your software for packaging on Arch I was alerted to
> garcon>=0.2.0 being a dependency, I realise one expects this will
> already be installed on a Xfce system, so it's only important in the
> case of someone trying to use it outside of Xfce. Nonetheless, you may
> want to add it to the deps list on your site.
Oh you're right it is missing. Even if garcon should be installed when
running Xfce it should be mentioned like I did for xfconf which is also

> Also, what license is this software released under? Could you include
> a license file?
The license is mentioned in source code itself. Is it neccesary to
create a LICENSE file? Sorry for that question. I'm new in releasing my
code to the public. ;)


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