import images from a camera

Sergey grrwlf at
Fri Jan 10 09:42:52 CET 2014

On 10.01.2014 01:55, Comet Friend wrote:
> I have not really an answer, just a thought that might help you one 
> step further. The reason, why no file manager window is open 
> automatically when you connect your camera may be the protocol or USB 
> mode used for the connection. Many cameras use PPTP (or so), which is 
> not supported by most file managers. It is supported by programs, such 
> as Geeqie, however. Geeqie relies on gPhoto for this, AFAIK, so make 
> sure that you have this installed in your system.
> Some cameras (and most smartphones, except Android and Apple --- hmm, 
> ok, some smartphones) allow to change the connection mode to something 
> like "storage device". If your camera can do this, and you switch 
> mode, a file manager like Thunar should "see" your device as if it was 
> an USB stick, which is something a file manager can handle. ;)
That would be too simple. I have Nokia N9 phone right here with me. It 
has an option you are talking about and may act as a mass storage 
device. Also it has a DCIM folder. So I think I gave a correct 
description of a problem. My distro is quite unusual (I'm using NixOS) 
so it is more likely that problem is caused by a XFCE misconfiguration, 
not by system-level services.


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