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Thu Jan 9 22:55:06 CET 2014

Sergey schrieb:
> On 09.01.2014 21:33, Liviu Andronic wrote:
>> On Thu, Jan 9, 2014 at 11:21 AM, Sergey <grrwlf at> wrote:
>>> Hi, list. I want to setup the XFCE to automatically import images 
>>> from my
>>> camera every time I attach it. I know that XFCE has such an option, 
>>> but,
>>> unfortunately, It seems to be broken in my distro (I'm using XFCE 4.10;
>>> Setup->Volume management options has no effect, Thunar just mounts my
>>> devices using udisks2 service)
>> What exactly do you check? In Xfce Settings > Removable Drives >
>> Cameras. Did you try that?
>> Liviu
> Yes, exactly (I didn't know correct name of this dialog because of 
> localization). It seems that my system ignores settings set there, but 
> also it seems that Thunar uses different machinery to mount/unmount 
> removable devices so I can view my camera/flash cards but, for 
> example, file manager would not start automatically.
> If you tell me what service is in charge of running actions associated 
> with removable devices, I will try to run it from command line with 
> debug output enabled.
> Regards,
> Sergey.
>>> So please can you suggest me a standalone tool which is known to do 
>>> this
>>> job?
>>> Regards,
>>> Sergey
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I have not really an answer, just a thought that might help you one step 
further. The reason, why no file manager window is open automatically 
when you connect your camera may be the protocol or USB mode used for 
the connection. Many cameras use PPTP (or so), which is not supported by 
most file managers. It is supported by programs, such as Geeqie, 
however. Geeqie relies on gPhoto for this, AFAIK, so make sure that you 
have this installed in your system.

Some cameras (and most smartphones, except Android and Apple --- hmm, 
ok, some smartphones) allow to change the connection mode to something 
like "storage device". If your camera can do this, and you switch mode, 
a file manager like Thunar should "see" your device as if it was an USB 
stick, which is something a file manager can handle. ;)

Good luck!


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