ANNOUNCE: xfdashboard 0.1.906 released

Stephan Haller nomad at
Tue Apr 22 20:16:18 CEST 2014

xfdashboard-0.1.90 "Loving fixed keyboards" was released on 2014-04-22.

This is a release candidate for upcoming stable version 0.2.0.

About xfdashboard

Maybe a Gnome shell like dashboard for Xfce




Additional notes

* Documentation is not up-to-date yet.
* Further version till stable version is reached will not get new
  features because it enters now the stabilization phase. Please
  report bugs, performance issues, really needed enhancements to the
  current feature set to the URL listed above. Thanks :)

Release notes for 0.1.90

* New feature: Added focus manager. It is now possible to control
  xfdashboard nearly completely with keys :) You can move the focus
  from one widget to the next one with TABulator and move backwards
  with the combination of Shift+TABulator. The arrow keys will move
  the selection in the widget which has the focus. The key ENTER
  will activate the currently selected item. In windows view you
  can close a window by pressing either DELETE or BACKSPACE.
* Renamed "LayoutPrimary" to "Layout" in theme file as it makes
  more sense. Sorry to all of you theming already. But it is
  just a small change ;)
* More validations in XML parse in theme
* More actors are stylable and even some non-actor can now be
  themed via CSS of theme. Sadly documentation is not yet
  up-to-date, e.g. it missed that the color of background of
  stage can now be set.
* You can now set the environment variable XFDASHBOARD_THEME_PATH
  to define a theme path which has the highest priority and
  does not need to be in search path. That makes testing themes
  a lot easier. I used it a lot ;)
* Lots of other bug fixes and small improvements


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