Any geriatric settings?

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>> You are correct. There is no single setting to say I can't see good.
>> settings. Under window manager is title fonts. 9pt default is not
>> really visible. Then you go to each application and change whatever the
>> font settings are. Many will default to sans 10, which some of us can't
>> even read to change it. 
>> Don't forget to go to keyboard and mouse. `Increase the cursor to about
>> 32, so he can see the arrow. I like blue crystal cursors, myself, but
>> that is personal preference. Yes, most of these settings will be way to
>> big for you. They work nicely for me. I can see the words and cursor.
>If you're referring to the mouse settings under accessibility, there is
>no cursor adjustment. Where are you finding it? 

It's called "Mouse and Touchpad" now. No, very few of the settings I
use are under accessibility, but most apply to those with disabilities.
Oh, I also set double-click time to 1200, since I tend to be a bit slow
on the button presses.

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