Any geriatric settings?

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>On 04/07/2014 05:16 PM, Charlie Kravetz wrote:
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>>> Hi All,
>>>   On Wednesday, I go to a customer with failing vision
>>> to demo Xfce-Live USB.  Problem, the guy can not see too well
>>> and need HUGE print.  (His grand kids set him up with
>>> something in Windows where the letters are big and he has
>>> to scroll the screen back and forth.)
>>> You guys have any prospective to share on the subject?
>>> Does Xfce have any geriatric settings?
>>> Many thanks,
>>> -T
>> Instead of thinking geriatrics, start thinking accessibility. What do
>> you think those with not so good vision do? They do not look for
>> settings for elderly. They search out things like magnifiers, large
>> clear fonts such as deja vu sans, and browsers like Chromium, because
>> it allows the zoom to work properly.
>> I start with a minimum 14 pt font on all settings. I zoom Chromium and
>> firefox at least 150%. I use most apps in a single desktop, maximized
>> so I can read the lines easier. When you increase text size, you get
>> fewer letters per page. Many of us have vision problems. That is not
>> the realm of the elderly.
>Hi Charlie,
>I found the "Accessibility" in settings, but it didn't
>have anything that would help.  I was hoping for a one stop
>setting, but it looks like I will need to adjust things
>individually.  May stick the monitor on 800x600 or 640x480.
>And, up the fonts and look to deja vu sans.
>Under "Appearance" I am finding the Xfce Fedora 20 defaults
>to sans 10 pitch.
>Thank you!
>p.s. I am studying to be either a cantankerous old
>fart or a curmudgeon.   Haven't decided which yet.
>I do have a lot of wonderful old folks for customers.
>They all have eye problems of one sort or another.

You are correct. There is no single setting to say I can't see good.
Under desktop, font size controls the words under an icon. Default is
like nothing is there but a white bar. Under appearance is most
settings. Under window manager is title fonts. 9pt default is not
really visible. Then you go to each application and change whatever the
font settings are. Many will default to sans 10, which some of us can't
even read to change it. 

Don't forget to go to keyboard and mouse. Increase the cursor to about
32, so he can see the arrow. I like blue crystal cursors, myself, but
that is personal preference. Yes, most of these settings will be way to
big for you. They work nicely for me. I can see the words and cursor.

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