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Mon Oct 28 17:17:52 CET 2013

Am Mo 28 Okt 2013 16:59:20 CET schrieb Nigel Verity:
> Hi
> I've been using Xfce for several years now,with Xubuntu, Mint and
> Debian. One problem I've always encountered has been an inconsistent
> application appearance. The stock Xfce apps, such as Thunar, always
> look great, with the controls displaying bevels, curves and all the
> other modern visual effects. However, other apps such as Synaptic
> always seem to have an extremely basic "flat" look, reminding me of
> early versions of Windows or Unix workstations.
> I can't find a common factor. Applications based on QT follow whatever
> appearance rules I set using qtconfig, and there are plenty of other
> applications which are neither stock Xfce nor QT-based which also have
> an appearance consistent with the rest of Xfce.
> Changing theme doesn't make any difference. The applications causing
> problems don't seem to pick up any display information from the
> current theme.
> I have a machine running Mint which also has Cinnamon installed as an
> alternative to Xfce. This means that the same application can run in
> either environment. Under Cinnamon every application follows the
> current theme. This suggests that the problem lies at the Xfce end
> rather than with individual apps. Beyond that I've run out of ideas.
> Grateful for any suggestions.
> Thanks
> Nige

Hello Nigel,

your problem is, that the applications you mentioned use GTK3, not GTK2 
like stock Xfce. For circumventing this, you have to:
1.) install gtk3-engines-xfce (or what it is called in your 
2.) use a theme which features both GTK2 and GTK3 (every xfce stock 
theme does this) and
3.) enjoy.


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