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I've been using Xfce for several years now, with Xubuntu, Mint and Debian. One problem I've always encountered has been an inconsistent application appearance. The stock Xfce apps, such as Thunar, always look great, with the controls displaying bevels, curves and all the other modern visual effects. However, other apps such as Synaptic always seem to have an extremely basic "flat" look, reminding me of early versions of Windows or Unix workstations.

I can't find a common factor. Applications based on QT follow whatever appearance rules I set using qtconfig, and there are plenty of other applications which are neither stock Xfce nor QT-based which also have an appearance consistent with the rest of Xfce.

Changing theme doesn't make any difference. The applications causing problems don't seem to pick up any display information from the current theme.

I have a machine running Mint which also has Cinnamon installed as an alternative to Xfce. This means that the same application can run in either environment. Under Cinnamon every application follows the current theme. This suggests that the problem lies at the Xfce end rather than with individual apps. Beyond that I've run out of ideas.

Grateful for any suggestions.


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