disable minimizing? force maximize?

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Wed Oct 16 22:51:06 CEST 2013

>>> Yes, you can do this with devilspie. Just add a rule for maximising everything.
>> In devilspie, can I prevent window resizing and/or minimizing once a
>> window is open?
> If you set the application fullscreen, you can't resize and/or minimize
> it without first unfullscreening. This action is bind to the shortcut
> ALT + F11 in xfwm4. You can't directly force a window to stay open with
> devilspie.
> If you really want just maximised windows, I suggest to remove the
> window decorations.
> I can give more hints if you express your use case more clear.
>> Is there a devilspie script for applying a rule to all windows?
> If you don't restrict the selection of windows by IF-statements, than
> the rule is applied to every window, because it matches on every
> window. A single
> ~/.devilspie/fullscreen.ds:
> ( fullscreen )
> in it or a
> ~/.devilspie/maximize.ds:
> ( undecorate )
> ( maximize )
> should do it.

Thanks, I'm really getting into devilspie2.  Can I apply a rule to
multiple applications or do I need to write separate if statements for
each app?

Should multiple conditions be written like this?

if      (get_application_name()=="Midori")                              then
        if      (get_window_name()~="Authentication Required")

Have you noticed that when specifying window position, the window will
sometimes briefly appear in a different location before it moves to
the specified location?  Any way to prevent that?

Is there any way to have a window open in some kind of a native or
natural size or location?

- Grant

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