Introducing preview of xfdashboard - a "gnome shell"-like dashboard for xfce

Stephan Haller nomad at
Wed Nov 27 22:16:40 CET 2013


> Can you please point out more why you do this? Don't get me wrong, I'm
> happy with every dev working for and with Xfce, but what makes your
> project superior to the gnome-shell or some clever combination of the
> whisker-menu and some custom panels?
I think it's just like many projects starts. There are "needs" or sth.
you like but is missing and then you code it. It has nothing to do that
I don't like how xfce looks like or what it does and does not. I also
like the whisker-menu but I really miss the way how to switch between
applications, to organize shortcuts without filling the panel until it
explodes ;) - and it did nearly in Gnome 2.x days. To make a long story
short: It might be just personal taste.

> And do you really need clutter? Xfce is not the lightweight and fast
> desktop environment because it uses fancy graphics everywhere. You can't
> even expect hardware acceleration in some environments.
> I'm looking forward to your screen cast, maybe it can light my thoughts.
I have to agree. I know using clutter doesn't make it lightweight
anymore. But I haven't understand how to use XDamage and so on and
clutter made it very easy for me to get "live windows" working. I call
them "live windows" as they reflect any change just at that time they
happen. I could watch a video in xfdashboard if I really would like.

As I mentioned in a mail before I could not provide a screencast. I have
never done this before and I'm not a video expert except for watching
videos ;) I hope this little documentation with screenshots at the
following URL will show you how to looks like:

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