Inconsistent mouse size settings

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Wed Nov 13 16:53:07 CET 2013

Am 13.11.2013 07:33, schrieb Chris Rydalch:
> I've recently discovered the awesomeness that is Xfce! However, myself
> and another user on the forum think we've found a bug
> ( We can't get the Mouse
> size to be the same across all applications. ToZ was able to help me get
> theme settings to save, but the size does not.
> Here is a screen capture showing what I'm talking
> about:
> This is a bug, right? We're seeing it in 4.10 in Xubuntu 13.10, and
> Fedora 19; I didn't realize 4.11 was under development, so I haven't
> installed it to try and see if it's also present there. We've found
> others who've had similar problems, and we've tried what "solutions" we
> could find, since the Settings pane doesn't set it globally for whatever
> reason, including setting the size in ~/.Xdefaults, ~/.gtkrc-2.0.
> Thanks so much!
> Chris

Hi Chris,

Maybe you have already checked that this behavior is toolkit-dependent.
Your problem looks like that xfsettingsd is not running. Please check this.


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