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Wed May 22 12:12:46 CEST 2013

El 22/05/13 11:17, killermoehre escribió:
> Faenza has nothing to do with xfce. I my eyes the simplest solution
> would be that the distributor decides which theme is shipped as standard
> in the meta package based on the distributions style guidelines. If you
> install xfce without meta package, you don't get a default icon theme.
> Why should the desktop environment decide which icon theme is to use?
> Are we GNOME?

I think a Desktop is more than a group of apps. A Desktop is a entire 
user experience and the look and feel is an exentian part of the user 

I think icons are very important, like wallpaper, window borders, widget 
style, cursor pointer, etc.

All these things could bring a good or a poor user experience depends 
you select one or other.

When I suggested Faenza as a icon default I only want to invite to 
discuss about a more complete and user friendly Xfce appearance.

It appears there are some problems to include Faenza (or another new 
icon package) as a default icon theme cause the filesize. But I think 
there are no problem to suggest or recomends a set of icons, themes, 
etc. as the official look and feel and prepare a extra package with it.

Thereby, when a user install the xfce package and the xfce-look-and-feel 
package will obtain a better user experience by default.

I think this is a big benefit for Xfce users.

The questions are:

Making this is so laborious that it does not compensate?

It is better for users to have a default uniform appearance or must Xfce 
be provided with a basic one and let the users or distros configure it?

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