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Am 22.05.2013 09:50, schrieb jEsuSdA 8):
> El 22/05/13 05:03, Genghis Khan escribió:
>>   yet it would be preferable, in my humble opinion, to have it
>> available in repositories.
> Then, it could be included optionally in the project so distros could be
> pack it in repositories.
> Some linke:
> xfce4-icon-theme-faenza
> xfce4-icon-theme-elementary
> It will be a great solution: does not increase the xfce size, but allow
> users to easily install these nice icon themes (like the gtk or xfwm
> themes)
> What do you think?

Faenza has nothing to do with xfce. I my eyes the simplest solution
would be that the distributor decides which theme is shipped as standard
in the meta package based on the distributions style guidelines. If you
install xfce without meta package, you don't get a default icon theme.
Why should the desktop environment decide which icon theme is to use?
Are we GNOME?


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