ANNOUNCE: midori 0.5.1 released

Christian Dywan christian at
Thu May 16 23:43:07 CEST 2013

midori 0.5.1 is now available for download from

  SHA1 checksum: 008eba6e52d8bbc7bd36fcc1fc5073d9d7c4dd22
   MD5 checksum: be022fbe9e47d6f50bddffa768468828

What is midori?

Native GTK+2/ GTK+3 and WebKit.
High focus on Private browsing, user scripts and customizable keyboard
Adblock, form history, cookie management, RSS feed panel, external
download managers (wget, SteadyFlow, FlashGet).


Release notes for 0.5.1
With a slightly prolongued freeze period Midori 0.5.1 is out of the
door. We made a big leap on the promised WebKit2 support - it's not
fully done yet but very, very usable despite not having context menus
and some extensions are to be done. Definitely worth giving a go for
anyone curious about multi-process goodness who can live without adblock
if need be.

Downloads and web app support have both received major refactoring,
making the code much more modular and approachable, and fixing buglets
and adding polish along the way. Downloads work more reliably across
windows and more quality control across panel and toolbar. The way is
paved for even more goodness. For the first time you can manage web
apps/ launchers created from within Midori graphically. This is also up
for even more improvements.

To round it up a whole lot of code improvements have come from static
analysis such as clang (LLVM) and other sources and a number of buglets
were squashed. Despite all the bigger changes QA is looking very good.
Note to self: having strict feature freeze periods before every release
is paying off, even if it's hard in a small team.

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