Orage - repeating event question

Juha kautto.juha at kolumbus.fi
Thu Mar 28 13:22:00 CET 2013

Not really.

Orage only sends one alarm. It does not keep the alarm active.

For example if your birthday is March 30 and you define alarm 1 day 
before the event, you will get alarm on 29 March. And if your event is 
yearly repeating (like it should be for birthdays) you will get next 
alarm again next year 29 March. If you use Orage default visible alarm, 
you can activate another reminder form that alarm window when you get 
the reminder, but that is just another reminder. .

There is no way of clearing previous occerrencies. (You could change the 
start time, which would basically do that.)


28.03.2013 13:55, cl at isbd.net kirjoitti:
> Is there any way of clearing all previous occurrences and the current
> occurrence of a repeating event in Orage?
> If you can't do this then it makes repeating events fairly useless.
> I use repeating events to remind myself about company VAT returns, tax
> (PAYE) returns, etc.  So I get a warning a few days before the event
> and the warning stays until I actually do something about it.  However
> I then need to clear the current (next upcoming) occurrence of the
> event so that in 3 months time (or whatever) I get reminded again.
> It would be the same with something as simple as a brithday.  You want a
> reminder a few days before which keeps 'live' until you send a card (or
> something) and clear the reminder.  ... but then you want the reminder
> again next year, that's the whole point of repeating reminders.
> ... and it can be done, the ReminderFox add-on for Firefox manages to do
> it perfectly well.  I'd just like to use Orage instead because it has
> other parts that I prefer.

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