The future of Xfce (or beating the Gtk3 horse to death)

Marton Balazs balmar3 at
Sat Mar 23 09:14:34 CET 2013

Hi, I'm simply using F12 for a new terminal. (And alt+F3 for Firefox.)
It works fine, in fact I'm not sure what else F12 is supposed to serve
for on my keyboard. :-)


On Fri, 22 Mar 2013, Joel Brobecker wrote:

> ...
>> I like to start a terminal with [Windows-X]. Since I am on a German
>> keyboard, the X-key sits right above the windows key -- where your Z-key
>> is.
> Hmmm, now that I've gone through the pain of changing, I am wondering
> whether I should go through it again with the Windows key. Perhaps
> I should try having both and see what happens... Thanks for the
> suggestion :).
> -- 
> Joel

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