The future of Xfce (or beating the Gtk3 horse to death)

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The point I was trying to make was more about there being enough of a difference between the two that they are still perceived as separate. Of the Xfce users I know they use it because it's lighter than Gnome or KDE. If that is their reason and there is a move to EFL Xfce would most likely end up "heavier" than Enlightenment. Just for the fact that EFL would be a new under taking for the Xfce devs and E17 is built to be very modular as well being in development for over 10 years. I'm not saying the difference would be noticeable but it will probably exist. The other point I made was that EFL hasn't been widely adopted, this means that native apps for the environment aren't really there. Right now there are many pieces of Gnome that fit well into Xfce to fit needs for anything someone may be missing. At this point those pieces don't exist with EFL and would have to written by someone for Xfce to make it as feature complete as it is now. The last point I was trying to make is EFL was stabilized not long ago and took years to get where they wanted. Development has sped up since Samsung started to back them, but is there enough certainty about the future of EFL to make a full switch and not end up in the same place as we are now (questioning a framework move)?
I'm not saying it's bad to move EFL, it is a great framework, very lightweight and fast. I'm just looking at the long term instead of what may be best at this point in time. I would suspect that if Xfce adopted EFL there would be more native apps using EFL but that all depends on if people want to learn a new framework. There was also the point of the Mir and Wayland support that needs to be looked into with each framework that is to be taken into consideration. 

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> I also see no issue with Xfce becoming similar to  Enlightenment. In
> recent times Xfce has always been similar to Gnome, and this hasn't
> stopped Xfce users being happy with Xfce. So the real question here is
> whether EFL provides sufficient functionality for the needs of the
> Xfce environment, and whether EFL development and support prospects
> are looking better than what we currently have with Gtk3.
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