Mounting USB drives

Renaud OLGIATI (Ron) renaud at
Sun Jun 2 14:33:25 CEST 2013

Situation: A new install of Mageia 3 with XFCE.

Problem: When I plug in a USB drive, I get a message window requestiong
the root password.

I have checked  "Enable automatic handling of removable storage media"
in System Settings > Hardware section > Removable Devices 

 I have made sure in diskdrake that the drive had the "Give write access
to ordinary user" and "Allow ordinary user to mount the fs" options

What else can I do, to give an ordinary user the possibility to mount
his pendrives ?

Running "root at ron:/home/ron # ps aux -A | tail" straight after plugging
a drive shows that the passwrod request seems to come from
polkit-agent-helper-1; is there somewhere a GUI to configure this
polkit-agent-helper-1, so it will accept mounting of drives ?

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