[feature request] 'Preferred application' activators

Michał Górny mgorny at gentoo.org
Wed Jul 10 11:26:24 CEST 2013


Sometimes I want to use a different web browser than my default one.
For that reason, I've added a few additional applications
to the 'web browser' activator. However, this isn't really efficient
since I need to add all the browsers by hand there.

I believe that having some kind of 'preferred applications'-like
activators would be really helpful for me. That is, an activator where
the list of applications would be connected to the lists in 'preferred
applications' settings applet.

In other words, when adding such an applet I would select 'web
browser', 'e-mail client', 'terminal', etc. It will run the default app
by default (much like the current indirect 'exo-open' activators).
As an option, it would also have unwrapped menu with all the browsers
listed in 'preferred applications'.

Does such a feature sound reasonable? I can try to implement it if you
give me a few tips -- especially, 'where' to place it. If it were to be
integrated with current activator design, I'd probably make it an
alternative to the sub-activator list. I think keeping it as a separate
plugin would cause duplication of some of the activator code.

Best regards,
Michał Górny
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