ANNOUNCE: orage 4.10.0 released

Juha Kautto kautto.juha at
Mon Dec 9 13:34:43 CET 2013

orage 4.10.0 is now available for download from

What is orage?

Xfce Calendar


Release notes for 4.10.0
This is production release of Orage.

  Orage 4.10.0 is compatible with Xfce 4.8 and 4.10.
  It can also be used in Gnome, but clock panel applet is only
  available for Xfce.

National Language Support changes compared to 4.8.4:
        * Now using transifex 
        * 16 languages were not migrated to transifex. From these:
            10 were almost empty (az,bn_IN,fa,gu,hy,ka,ku,mr,ms,ta)
             3 were almost 100% complete (da, de, fi)
             3 were moderately complete from 20-60% (dz, hi, mk)
        * 1 new language was introduced (oc)

Fixes after 4.8.4 release:
        * bug 9249: Hourly flag missing from event window and tooltip
        * bug 9830: Pick the date dialog is not localized
        * bug 9014: Rename Execute button to Postpone for snooze alarms
        * bug 9017: Clarified Delete confirmation message
        * bug 9024: Clear nto used extra space from main calendar
        * bug 10517: Fix archiving to use correct year
        * bug 10325: Fix startup failure for some languages
        * bug 10108: Use g_strdup() instead of strdup() with g_free()
        * bug 10107: Fixed potential memory leak
        * bug 10473: Fixed crash in file copy with missing files
        * bug 10401: Use exo-open instead of fixed firefox with help
        * bug 9507: Older than 1970 periodic events do not work
        * bug 7929: Some foreign files show time offset in event view
        * bug 8382: Some events were shown on wrong day
        * bug 8508: Event ending at midnight is shown on the next day
        * bug 8426: Missing translations for some timezone names
        * bug 9028: Orage shows events at +0000 with some iCal files

Enhancements after 4.8.4 release:
        * bug 9810: Do not show "null" when Location or Notes is empty
        * bug 8231: Make the alarm type selectable for foreign files
        * bug 8383: Possible to start day view on first day of week
        * bug 6597: Tooltip enhacements to use Pango markup
        * bug 9011: Tooltip enhacements to use smaller windows
        * bug 10432: Possible to make Orage quit when asked to close
        * bug 9291: Handle external updates to Orage file also
        * bug 7873: Allow inserting events to foreign files
        * bug 9250: New list of all events in event list window

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