Automatic window tiling

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Fri Sep 14 13:41:50 CEST 2012

Am 14.09.2012 12:47, schrieb Boris Hollas:
> There are a number of tiling window managers but so far I haven't
> managed to smoothly run any of these in Xfce. Window decorations are
> lost, sometimes panel and workspaces are gone or cease to work. I have
> nice Mac-like window buttons that I want to keep although they aren't
> that useful in a tiling WM. I had a look at KDE recently and I like the
> integrated window tiling in KWin.
> Is there a way to set up automatic window tiling (no manual tiling as in
> x-tile) in Xfce without loosing window decorations and panel?
> Regards,
> Boris

Hi Boris,

you can't use the window decoration from xfce with another window
manager, because the decorations are provided by xfwm4.
If you want to use kwin, just use kwin.


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