very weird xfce behavior... please help

Joao Ferreira Gmail joao.miguel.c.ferreira at
Thu Feb 23 18:47:31 CET 2012

Hello all,

Recently my xfce started behaving with strange issues that make me
unable to use it.

I can login to xfce, but...

I notice 2 major problems:

1) the windows have no frame, no minimize, maximize and close buttons;
so I can not close them, minimize them, nor move them; each new window I
open I'm unable to close it; i becomes unusable

2) I had 9 virtual desktops configured and now I have only one; if I try
to increase it does not work.

I'm very fond of xfce and I would like to continue using it.

I use Debian wheezy, fully updated. xfce version is:
ii  xfce4
ii  xfdesktop4 4.8.3-2   

Can anyone please help ?
Thank you

I use Debian GNU/Linux testing (wheezy); 

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