Rethinking Leafpad and Mousepad (slow and inefficient)

Guido Berhoerster gber at
Sat Feb 11 19:05:33 CET 2012

* Genghis Khan <genghiskhan at> [2012-02-11 17:33]:
> On Sat, 11 Feb 2012 16:33:59 +0100
> Guido Berhoerster <gber at> wrote:
> > You are complaining on the wrong list, mousepad is dead (with a
> > rewrite pending)
> Where can I find information on the planned new Mousepad?

I don't think there is much info about that, it's been mentioned
on this list a couple of times though, see e.g.

> > Apart from that, your measurement of "consumed" memory is flawed
> I wanted to make a comparison between a simple software with simple
> features (text editing) and a more complexed software (image editor)
> which I think is appropriate. The differences are, comparatively,
> significant, in mu humble opinion.

Well, you were measuring it wrong and the comparison doesn't make
much sense to me either since you're basically comparing apples
and oranges. The memory consumption of mtpaint also heavily
depends on the uncompressed size of the image you're editing. In
any case, this is offtopic here.
Guido Berhoerster

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