Orage alarm did not occur

Juha kautto.juha at kolumbus.fi
Thu Feb 9 08:56:09 CET 2012

Do you use hibernate/sleep?
If yes, you may have run into the known BUGs related to those.
If not, this is then new BUG.

Note that xfce panel clock does NOT start Orage automatically.
If Orage is not running, it will be started only after you click the 
panel clock.
This may also explain what you saw. Maybe Orage was not running
after all. You may see that from the logs (.xsession-errors)?
(You can not see from the panel plugin when Orage is running. The tray
icon shows if Orage is running or not.)

09.02.2012 03:14, Stuart McGraw kirjoitti:
> Version 4.8.2 in Fedora-15.  I think Orage was running,
> I have the Orage Panel Clock in a xfce panel which starts
> orage when I log in, yes?  And I'm certain I was logged
> in at the alarm time since I rarely log off.
> On 02/07/2012 11:42 PM, Juha wrote:
>> There has been some issues with hibernate/sleep
>> specially with new GTK+ versions. All known bugs
>> are fixed in 4.8.3 version.
>> Are you sure Orage was running when the alarm
>> was supposed to happen? Which version are you
>> using (orage -v)?
>> Juha
>> 08.02.2012 04:13, Stuart McGraw kirjoitti:
>>> I am a Gnome3 refuge who wishes he'd discovered Xfce
>>> a long time ago.  However, I am having a problem with
>>> Orage.
>>> For some time I have had the suspicion that the alarm
>>> feature of Orage was not going off when it was scheduled
>>> to.  But when I've tried to test it, it's worked fine.
>>> I just had a case where there was definitely a problem.
>>> In mid-January I created a dentist appointment for Feb 8
>>> at 9am.  In the Alarm tab, I had set the "Alarm Time" to
>>> "2 days, 0 hours, 0 mins before start".  I expected the
>>> alarm to sound on Feb 6 at 9am.  That never happened.
>>> But today (afternoon, Feb 7) when I opened the Orage applet
>>> to set an unrelated appointment, the dentist appointment
>>> popped up and the alarm sound played.
>>> Is this a known problem?  Or is there something I may
>>> have done wrong when setting up the event?
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