Orage alarm did not occur

Stuart McGraw smcg4191 at frii.com
Thu Feb 9 02:14:29 CET 2012

Version 4.8.2 in Fedora-15.  I think Orage was running, 
I have the Orage Panel Clock in a xfce panel which starts
orage when I log in, yes?  And I'm certain I was logged 
in at the alarm time since I rarely log off.

On 02/07/2012 11:42 PM, Juha wrote:
> There has been some issues with hibernate/sleep
> specially with new GTK+ versions. All known bugs
> are fixed in 4.8.3 version.
> Are you sure Orage was running when the alarm
> was supposed to happen? Which version are you
> using (orage -v)?
> Juha
> 08.02.2012 04:13, Stuart McGraw kirjoitti:
>> I am a Gnome3 refuge who wishes he'd discovered Xfce
>> a long time ago.  However, I am having a problem with
>> Orage.
>> For some time I have had the suspicion that the alarm
>> feature of Orage was not going off when it was scheduled
>> to.  But when I've tried to test it, it's worked fine.
>> I just had a case where there was definitely a problem.
>> In mid-January I created a dentist appointment for Feb 8
>> at 9am.  In the Alarm tab, I had set the "Alarm Time" to
>> "2 days, 0 hours, 0 mins before start".  I expected the
>> alarm to sound on Feb 6 at 9am.  That never happened.
>> But today (afternoon, Feb 7) when I opened the Orage applet
>> to set an unrelated appointment, the dentist appointment
>> popped up and the alarm sound played.
>> Is this a known problem?  Or is there something I may
>> have done wrong when setting up the event?

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