slow keys must die. now

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On Sun, Aug 19, 2012 at 11:07 AM, Ahau
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> Try googling:
> It seems most likely that this is an issue with gdm or your core x
> server, rather than xfce.  If settings -> accessibility doesn't work
> and you have xkbset installed, this seems to be the easiest way to
> turn this off: 'xkbset -a'.  Hard to know if you have this installed,
> though, as you never said what distro you are running or what version
> of xfce.
> Are you seriously a professor?  I'm glad I never had to take one of
> your classes.  It's pretty closed minded to assume that there aren't
> enough people with disabilities to warrant accomodating them with
> world-wide free software.  AFAIK pretty much every distro can be set
> up to log directly into a gui without typing a username and password.

Whoa. I'm not unsympathetic to people who need slow keys.   I just
don't want the 10-second-shift-automatic-slow-keys-turn-on feature.
Seriously, Google "my linux keyboard randomly stops working." It
almost invariably leads back to the 10-second-shift-key thing.  Lots
of people feel the same way I do:

Concerning your alternative scenario, I'd say your argument undoes
itself. If a person is able to set a system to login automatically
without a password,  I believe that person is also likely to be able
to set the system policy for slow keys (as well as other accessability
features) in the accessibility panel that many users here have

I'll ask the students what they think about this when classes start
again.  One of my students does use the slow keys feature, but he has
it turned on all the time, so far as I know. He does not toggle it
with the Shift key.  For what it is worth, I can't find a single post
in Google or any other search engine that complains it is too
difficult to turn on slow keys in a menu panel.

I think Jérôme Guelfucci has it right, though. My objection is not
with slow keys itself, but rather AccessXKeys.

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