ANNOUNCE: garcon 0.1.9 released

Nick Schermer nick at
Mon Sep 12 20:31:36 CEST 2011

garcon 0.1.9 is now available for download from

  SHA1 checksum: 2eeab19bc10747a40b44afd4598a2f555eb69952
   MD5 checksum: a3ca1e54ad731c98f688900f6398fc20

What is garcon?

Garcon is an implementation of the menu specification
replacing the former Xfce menu library libxfce4menu. It is based on
GLib/GIO only and aims at covering the entire specification except for
legacy menus.


Release notes for 0.1.9

An important note to all packagers: garcon depends on libxfce4util >=
4.8.0 since this release.

- Rename Network category to Internet (bug #3459).
- Queue multiple reload-required signals.
- A number of small memory leaks have been fixed.
- Speedup a couple of critical code-paths.
- Use GSList instead of GList where possible.
- Use XfceRc instead of GKeyFile, this makes garcon depend on
  libxfce4util, but is faster and more memory efficient.
- Return an error string instead of freeing it, causing a sefgault in
- Do not decrement the internal refcount of items, this should fixed
  the usage of <OnlyUnallocated/>.
- Translations updates: Chinese (Taiwan), rabic, Romanian, Basque,
  Russian, Spanish (Castilian), Slovak, Portuguese (Brazilian),
  Turkish, Telugu, Kazakh, Ukrainian, Japanese, German, Portuguese,
  German, Chinese, Dutch, Italian.

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