Problems running xfce on opensuse 11.4

Guido Berhoerster gber at
Mon Nov 21 21:26:55 CET 2011


* Detlef Simons <detlef.simons at> [2011-11-21 19:51]:
> for test-purposes I installed opensuse 11.4 on my old Intel Celeron
> PC. I chosed the "Installation with minimal graphical support" and
> this was the Icewm window manager.
> I tried to install xfce using yast - patterns - xfce.
> xdm is now set as display-manager, xfce4 as window-manager.
> After logging in, I always end in Icewm.
> I've tried almost every hint, I found in several forums and wikis,
> but without success.
> Any more tipps for me?

"Installation with minimal graphical support" will select xdm as
the default display manager, changing the session/window manager
is rather complicated with xdm and involves editing
${HOME}/.xsession or ${HOME}/.xinitrc.
A much easier solution is to switch to GDM which allows you to
select the session from a menu, it should already be on your
system if you installed the Xfce pattern. You can switch from xdm
to gdm by editing /etc/sysconfig/displaymanager, the line that
says DISPLAYMANAGER="xdm" needs to be changed to
If you do a new installation you should select the Xfce desktop
from the beginning and you will end up with GDM (or LightDM in
12.1) by default.
Please direct any replies to opensuse-xfce at since
this is a distribution-specific issue and a bit offtopic here.
Guido Berhoerster

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