on Rodent directory reading speed

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Mon Jun 27 18:30:26 CEST 2011

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> I've made a better test as suggested by Auke , rebooting after each
> trial (i could also  echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches ? ):
> open /usr/bin, 2120 items, 266.7 mb:
> Thunar: first read: ~18s
> 	second read: ~3.6s
> Rodent: first read: ~24s
> 	second read: ~5.9s
> So the differences are not huge (~2s on second read)

Cool! That seems about right. Remember that in Rodent's book, speed is
measured in user time, not benchmark time (refer to the pdf/text file
browsing or launching background processes, for example). On a more
realistic work environment, directory listings are not as large as
/usr/bin and the time difference is irrelevant.

Thanks for the tests.

> Just  two questions: can i enable bash completion? and is it possible
> to add/enable a tree view?

Bash completion: not yet, but it is a "must have" feature. I hope to get
that done by 4.6.8 (4.6.6 is now at feature freeze stage)

Tree view: Not planned for the foreseable future. Nonetheless, 4.6.6 has
two more icon sizes and a convienient scale bar to change size. The new
sizes are for tiny icons, one in what Nautilus calls a "compact" layout
and the other is what almost all other FMs call a "list view", showing
file details or whatever the plugin has in mind.

Please note that Rodent's perception of a list view is not exactly a
spreadsheet output.




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