Problems with xfce-settings-helper?

John Coppens john at
Wed Jul 27 06:25:26 CEST 2011

Hello people.

For a while, the latest Inkscape has been acting up when I do a Ctrl-C
(copy an object). In this case, an error dialog appears, rather slowly,
about 'No layers found'. Several other dialogs follow, and the copy
fails (at least, I can't paste).

Finally, I did a search and found relatively few references:

The first link indicates that the problem can be solved by killing
xfce-settings-helper, which I can confirm. Just killing re-enables
normal operations in Inkscape, even without restarting.

I looked at the xfce bug register, but didn't find any references to
the problem. This problem appeared since I installed xfce 4.8.

Is this a known problem/does any solution exist? Should I submit a bug


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