konsole bookmarks and Rodent

Albert Wagner albertwagner at cox.net
Thu Jul 7 22:08:53 CEST 2011

On 07/05/2011 02:42 PM, Edscott Wilson Garcia wrote:
> El 03/07/11 05:00, xfce-request at xfce.org escribió:
>> I use the konsole window for most of my work, and that has
>> a bookmark feature. Here is the sequence:
>> 1. Open konsole window from kicker bar
>> 2. Select bookmark for work directory
>> 3. Call the program needed from the command line.
>> There are some KDE programs that IMO are superior to their
>> XFCE equivalents, and konsole is one of them.
> Sounds interesting. The interesting part is that the konsole bookmark
> allows you to open an arbitrary program at a selected bookmarked directory.
> Currently I am finishing the "dotdesktop" plugin for Rodent, which
> allows you to navigate through categories of installed applications and
> launch them (either with doubleclick or drag and drop). Dotdesktop files
> are also known as "launchers" in Nautilus and allow the construction and
> automatic updates of the program launcher menus.
> Since Rodent plugins may override filemanager behaviour, I have to give
> it some thought so that:
>   1- Functionality is greater than that provided by konsole
>   2- The concept is easy to grasp, apply and remember
Sounds like ROX to me.  http://roscidus.com/desktop/
I loved ROX, but the project is no longer maintained/updated.  I wish 
you well and look forward to your project. It is beautiful idea.

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