Terminal=True is not honoured in .desktop file

Bela Markus bmarkus at hasix.org
Mon Jan 31 17:54:28 CET 2011

It was a .desktop file created by me. As long as I will not face the 
issue with 'alien' files, that's fine as it is now :)

Thanks for the help to fix it.

2011.01.31. 17:45 keltezéssel, Nick Schermer írta:
> On Mon, Jan 31, 2011 at 5:43 PM, Bela Markus<bmarkus at hasix.org>  wrote:
>> Hi Nick
>> changing Terminal=True to Terminal =true solved the problem, now it works
>> fine everywhere. You are right, latest desktop entry specification defines
>> boolean as
>> 0, 1, true, false
>> However it would be good to make it case insensitive.
> Complain at bugs.gnome.org, we use the glib api for all that, or use
> exo-desktop-item-edit<filename>.
> Nick
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