No more JPEG images in XFCE (snif)

Bela Markus bmarkus at
Fri Jan 28 19:34:51 CET 2011


When making such announcement please, please provide some information, 
at least XFCE version, host operating system name and version, etc. As 
it is now just a noise and wasting time of readers. For example I'm not 
interested in 4.6.x issues but do 4.8 as I'm porting it to a LINUX 
system currently.

Also, you are gettin late and inaccurate help. You knoe, gerbage in, 
gerbage out.

Regards... Béla

2011.01.28. 19:14 keltezéssel, John Coppens írta:
> Hello people.
> At some random point in time, XFCE stopped showing jpegs. Background
> image in jpg don't show anymore, and Thunar crashes when trying to open
> a jpg. PNGs etc work normally.
> I've found quite a few references to similar problems, but libjpeg
> seems ok, and other solutions don't seem to work either.
> Where should I start looking, and what do I look for?
> Thanks,
> John
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