lot of USB related problems with 4.8

Roger Durañona Vargas luo_hei at yahoo.es
Sat Jan 22 17:17:49 CET 2011

I upgraded my Xfce at home and reinstalled my second gentoo system at office and now I have found a lot of weird problems related to mounting usb and cdrom devices. At home, thunar says that gnome-mount doesnt exists. I thought that gvfs was the tool for mounting now, in fact, gnome-mount is going to be removed from portage. How can i solve this.
Here at office, it is even worse. Thunar doesn has the folder icons, and it is not even notified that pluggable devices has been inserted. I even  recompiled it with the udev flag, but nothing. Seems like Im missing some group for my user. Also, when I start session, I got an error about no xfce-panel instance found, I solved this by running planel by hand, but the error persists.
How can I solve this?

Roger D. Vargas
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