Ernesto Acosta elav at
Wed Jan 19 14:26:22 CET 2011

Thanks to Nick to create the. Run. Yesterday I installed 4.8 on Debian 
Xfce Squeeze. Now I imagine that must be adding plugins and other manually.

Now, I have the same problem with the menu. Clicking on it I get this error:

File "menu /" not found

In ~/.config/menus I have no file. In /etc/xdg/ I have 2 folders: 
autostart and openbox.

Within autostart I have only 3 files:
PolicyKit Authentication Agent
PulseAudio Sound System
PulseAudio Sound System KDE Routing Policy

And anything that has to do with Xfce. So my question is:
Is there no way to automatically generate the file menu? Do I have to 
then add each application to install the menu manually?

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