Xfce USB Format

Ernesto Acosta elav at ipichcb.rimed.cu
Sun Jan 16 17:43:42 CET 2011

I am very excited that very soon will officially xfce 4.8. For now I'm 
using Gnome, but I always used Xfce 4.6, and that is why I look forward 
to version 4.8

I have a little doubt. Is it possible to create the context menu of 
Thunar, an option to format USB memory? If there is something I like 
Gnome that option, but do not think there Xfce, so you have to use 
Gparted or some command in the terminal.

I am aware that Thunar can add actions, and that would be fine, if my 
memory always be sdb1, but if I have other memories are assembled and 
sdc1 or sdd1 Is there any way to detect the action which is the device I 

Is it possible to include an application to format USB memory in Xfce?

Excuse my bad English.
Saludos: *Ernesto Acosta*
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