Thunar operations slow after 4.8 upgrade

Michael Orlitzky michael at
Mon Feb 21 15:54:18 CET 2011

On 02/21/2011 03:35 AM, Jannis Pohlmann wrote:
>> I was able to fix this for some common operations (albeit
>> ungracefully) by disabling DBUS and adding the following line in a
>> few places:
>>   thunar_standard_view_reload ( THUNAR_VIEW (standard_view));
> This won't work reliably. All file operations run in threads, so calls
> to e.g. thuner_application_unlink_files() will return immediately and
> if you reload the standard view directly after that, not all files may
> be gone yet.
> I tried a few similar things but reloading the current folder all the
> time will make Thunar very busy and will slow down your machine.
> ThunarVFS used a timeout for forced change events to speed things up
> but unlike GIO it had a singleton file monitor which made reacting on
> these things easier.
>   - Jannis

I noticed that but it doesn't seem to affect me in practice (not enough
to learn GIO and fix it the right way, for sure). If an operation is
going to take a little while, the one-second delay doesn't really bother
me. It's only "instant" things like unlink or move-to-trash on the same
partition that were really slowing me down.

Do we know where the real bug is? Is the signal just getting lost
somewhere, or is there a bug in GIO?

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