ANNOUNCE: midori 0.3.2 released

Christian Dywan christian at
Sun Feb 20 00:52:13 CET 2011

midori 0.3.2 is now available for download from

  SHA1 checksum: 296fa92f8bfd913c878a669c11e505bb4fa8b2ab
   MD5 checksum: 99d9f0b936e7052b41c3d1e7a7d7d672

What is midori?

A lightweight web browser based on WebKitGTK+, for Unix, Windows, Maemo
and other platforms. Several extensions provide advanced functionality
such as advertisement blocking, cookie management, userscripts or mouse


Release notes for 0.3.2

Please note that this is a development release.

Aiming to get back to a sane release cycle, this release fixes crash on
autocompletion, adblock which was half-broken in the last release,
duplication of bookmarks on startup and using the Go button to open

This release by default has no menubar in new installations. Existing
users can right-click the toolbar and select 'Menubar' to the same
effect. The 'app menu', also called 'compact menu' informally, has
existed in previous versions but I was concerned it didn't fully replace
the menubar functionally, I am now confident it does provide the better

Spontaneous collaboration of users on IRC brought up proper restoring of
tab order in the session. This is the kind of small detail I personally
never noticed much but people who care about it were able to make a big
difference literally over night, just before the release.

Fans of user scripts and styles will welcome that they will no longer
see multiple infobars in the wrong tab, and support for the review pages

Bookmarks can now be exported to Netscape HTML, as compatible as
possible in light of apparent bugs of other browsers with regard to

Progress and search engines in location are now mandatory, as well as
download notification bubbles. The statusbar no longer popups up for
downloads if it was explicitly hidden. This is clearer and works

There is also a way to reload uncached now with a hotkey, by default

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