Pager plugin orientation problem without miniature bug.

Matias De lellis mati86_dl at
Thu Feb 3 16:55:51 CET 2011

Hello people. 
I have a problem with the pager and I want to confirm if it is a bug.

Basically, I see different behavior when using the pager option "show miniature 
view" or not.

I have four desktops.
When use show miniature view:
|Red   | Audio              |
|Work | Miscellaneous |

Without this:
|Red    | Work              |
|Audio | Miscellaneous |

...and whendrag a window to the right, it switches to the desk from above.. :S

It seems a problem of orientation. But in this bug 
(, That continuesfor my), nick told 
me that there are problems with libnck.

Fedora 14 with cwickert xfce 4.8 repo, and xfce 4.8 final compiled for me 
through rawhide.
Libwnck 2.30.4



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