Thunar, tumbler and external scripts - thumbnails update problem

Harald Judt h.judt at
Wed Dec 14 17:36:17 CET 2011


Actually I wanted to post this here a while ago, then for some reason I 
forgot to do it. Never mind, I observe the following problem:

I have defined a custom script to rotate an image file. Thunar already 
shows a thumbnail for this file, generated by tumbler. I perform the 
rotation, thunar detects that the file has been changed, and it seems it 
calls tumbler to regenerate the thumbnail. Clearly, thunar recognizes 
the change because the selection changes, i.e. the next file gets 
selected. However, instead of the new thumbnail, it still shows the old 
one. Reloading (toolbar icon, shortcut key) does not help.

But behold, I go back to the previous folder and then forward to the 
image folder, and the new, correct thumbnail is shown now. I consider 
this as a bug, do you agree?

There are other similar cases, where the old thumbnail does not get 
shown, but a generic JPEG icon instead, mostly when multiple files are 
changed by a script. Upon going back and forward in folder history, all 
new thumbnails are shown correctly. So I guess thunar or tumbler do some 
weird thing caching thumbnails and/or file information.

You can easily reproduce this by using
   mogrify -rotate 90 <image.jpg>
from the terminal while the thunar window is open.

Another observation: Thunar detects when I delete the thumbnail for a 
file (the appropriate file in ~/.thumbnails). It then shows a generic 
icon. Sometimes I can make thunar regenerate it when hovering over the 
icon with the mouse pointer, or by scrolling up / down when that is 
possible to do, but this does not work always. Is there a way over D-Bus 
to make thunar or tumbler regenerate the thumbnail immediately?


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