Apparent duplicate applications in "Session and Startup"

Chris Green cl at
Wed Dec 14 11:01:49 CET 2011

I run xfce (as xubuntu 11.04) and I seem to have gathered a few
extra/redundant applications running in the background.

In my "Session and Startup" Application Autostart list I have:-

    Certificate and Key Storage (GNOME Keyring: PKCS#11 Component)
    Secret Storage Service (GNOME Keyring: Secret Service)
    PolicyKit Authentication Agent (PolicyKit Authentication Agent)

    Power Manager (Power Management daemon)
    Power Manager (Power Management for the Xfce desktop)

    Volume Control (Show desktop volume control)
    XFCE Volume Daemon (Daemon managing the volume multimedia keys and displaying volume notificatio ns)

I suspect the first three may actually be separate applications all of
which should/could be running but it feels like the two Power Managers
are wrong as also the Volume controls.

It could well be that I have some KDE applications which have elbowed
their way in (and/or some Gnome ones which duplicate xfce ones).

Whatever, how can I sort this out?

Chris Green

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