Maintainers for some of my projects wanted

Jannis Pohlmann jannis at
Thu Dec 8 23:39:13 CET 2011

I am looking for a new maintainer for some of the open source projects
I started over the last couple of years. Due to taking a full-time
position as a software engineer, I will have less spare time to hack in
the near future than I had while being a student. I will continue
contributing to Xfce but I would like to focus on core development
(thunar, tumbler, garcon etc.). 

As a consequence, I am looking for people interested in maintaining the
following projects:

  * thunar-media-tags-plugin:

  * xfce4-verve-plugin:

  * xfce4-mixer:

  * xfce4-time-out-plugin

  * jptemplate:

Most of these are smaller projects but some of them (like
thunar-media-tags-plugin and xfce4-mixer) have many users. 

xfce4-mixer is particularly interesting, I think. It’s code base is of
medium size and it lacks integration with notification daemons, key
bindings for muting and altering the volume of a selected channel.
Also, the per-channel widgets could be arranged in better ways than
they are right now. PulseAudio support has been requested several times
but that is an entirely different story. xfce4-mixer is mainly intended
as a mixer for GStreamer. A PulseAudio mixer would better be written
from scratch. But if anyone is up for the task - why not!

If you are interested in maintaining any of the above (yes, you are
free to rename jptemplate to something that does not carry my
initials!), please reply to this mail.

(You will need knowledge of C, GLib and GTK+ for the Xfce projects and
VIM script for jptemplate. But in particular panel plugins are really
simple, so the code base should be easy to understand even for a GTK+
newbie who is willing to read API manuals.)

  - Jannis

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