Strange problem with genmon plugin - command doesn't get executed at startup

Chris Green cl at
Wed Dec 7 22:37:54 CET 2011

On Wed, Dec 07, 2011 at 02:03:12PM +0000, Chris Green wrote:
> I have an odd problem with the genmon plugin.
> I'm running the latest version of the plugin (3.3.0) which I have built
> myself on an xubuntu 11.04 system because I want one of the enhancements
> in this version of the plugin.
> It all appears to work as it should when I add an instance of the genmon
> plugin to the panel, I'm running a little python script to generate the
> text that the genmon plugin displays, it works exactly as it should
> after installation in the panel.
> However if/when I shut down and restart although the genmon plugin is
> still installed on the panel it displays nothing.  If I leave the Label
> box ticked then it *does* display the label but doesn't display the
> output of the python script.  Opening and closing the properties
> dialogue makes the text appear correctly.
> This used to work perfectly OK on xubuntu 10.10.
> Any ideas what may be wrong anyone?
Just another possible diagnostic, the tool-tip doesn't appear when I
hover the mouse over the "(genmon)" label (if I have Label ticked).
However if I right click on the "(genmon)" label and open the genmon
Properties when I close the pop-up everything is (as I said above)
working OK, including the tool-tip.

Chris Green

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