Error building xfce4-genmon-plugin in Ubuntu 11.04 - do I need newer version?

Mike Massonnet mmassonnet at
Tue Dec 6 23:34:31 CET 2011


2011/12/5 Chris Green <cl at>:
> I am trying to build the xfce4-genmon-plugin in xubuntu 11.04 to
> incorporate a fix I did a while ago (on xubuntu 10.10 I think).
> I'm getting the following error:-
>    xfce4_genmon_plugin-main.o: In function `genmon_create_options':
>    /home/chris/src/xfce4-genmon-plugin/panel-plugin/main.c:663: undefined reference to `xfce_create_header'
> Do I need a newer version of the xfce4-genmon-plugin source from
> somewhere to fix this, or what?

This sounds like you need libxfce4ui or libxfcegui4 (this one i think).


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