Feedback of Xfce booth at Chemnitzer Linux Days 2010

houghi houghi at
Mon Mar 22 11:55:45 CET 2010

On Sun, Mar 21, 2010 at 10:53:53PM +0100, Enrico Tröger wrote:

I know they are just user comments, but just some extra feedback.

> After all, it was a great success I'd say. There were lots of people
> asking quite general questions like 'how is Xfce better than Gnome' 

For me the absolute most importand thing is that I can use XFCE in
non-xinerama dualscreen out of the box. I am unable to use KDE or GNOME in
that way. So that is a HUGE plus.
To be fair, I would like to use Windowmaker, but that also has issues with
the dualscreen setup I have and I would need a workaround.

Using non-xinerama is apprently not a focus point for KDE and GNOME, so I
do not get any feedback on that. :-( I hope there won't be any issues in
the futurre with XFCE. The extra problem is that KDE/GNOME blame the
NVidea driver and NVidea blame KDE/GNOME.

<sir snip-a-lot>
> - if not already possible: indicate desktop/display to start windows on,
> such as "DESKTOP=3 thunar"

Yes, that would be great. Also it would be nice to jump to the desktop
when I click on the program in the sidebar. Now the program gets pulled to
the desktop I am currently working on. (Or is that a setting I can
change?) Also when there is a popup (e.g. with Azureus when a file is
ready) clicking on it will pull all to the current desktop instead of
going to that desktop.

Please do not forget that is should be both screen and desktop, so
something like: "DISPLAY=:0.1 DESKTOP=3 thunar". Or even something that
puts it all together, like "DESKTOP=:0.1.3"

> - xfce4 menueditor (actually asked for quite a few times)

Oh yes, please. Pretty please. :-D

> - window decoration in appearance settings -- or at least a hyperlink

I like the way Windowmaker makes it very easy to change the settings.
e.g. borders or not, fixed on a desktop or not. Always above/below other
programs, seen in taskbar, mouse accepted, ....
Also if it is only for the current window or for all programs.

That is something I miss a bit in XFCE.

But all in all great stuff and good to see that you were out there. Pitty
I could not come. :-(

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