systray malfunctioning

Snood snood at
Sat Mar 6 13:46:56 CET 2010

Grant wrote:
> My wife and I have identical Dell Vostro 1320 laptops and I've always
> tried to keep their configs the same.  The xfce4 systray on mine works
> perfectly, but my wife's has always malfunctioned and I've never been
> able to figure out why.  xfce4 panel plugins work perfectly, but other
> applications such as orage, blueman, wicd, and twinkle which should
> appear in the systray do not.  The systray icon for twinkle actually
> shows up in the center of the screen, but the icons for the rest do
> not show up at all.  I'm not sure where to start with this, does
> anyone have any ideas?

I'm writing, not because I have any brilliant ideas, but because I'm the 
kind of guy who reports weird stuff that no one else can duplicate. So 
this is mostly a sympathy call.


Nonetheless, I do have a couple of suggestions.

1. List the Linux distribution and version you're running, along with 
the version of Xfce. That way the folks who actually know something (not 
me) will have a better chance of pinning the problem down if it has 
something to do with bugs seen in specific versions of libraries, 
scripts, etc.

2. Tell us the results of trying things (one item at a time) like:
  a. removing the notification area from the panel, then replacing it on 
the panel,
  b. removing the panel itself, then replacing the panel and the plugins 
(including the notification area) on it,
  c. turning off the notification-tray settings for all applications and 
plugins which allow you to do so, then trying each one separately to see 
if any of them will show up, and
  d. creating a new user profile on your wife's machine to see if the 
problem exists in other user profiles.

That's about all I can think of to try from a fellow end-user perspective.

> - Grant

Good luck!

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